Tire Evaluation – Vittoria Corsa G (Available)

The Vittoria Corsa G together with all the all new G Isotech chemical simplifies both the Corsa SC and CX since Vittoria’s top of the line all-purpose contest tires. This is an overview of this “open tubular” variant, a brand new Radar Corsa can be obtained also. Vittoria asserts this really is a radical tire since they now utilize a graphene compound. They assert graphene does not need as many compromises and is superior in speed, traction, durability, and wear resistance.

The Corsa G utilizes four distinct variations of this new graphene chemical on one tire, which can be rather a special characteristic by itself. Unfortunately, when compared with the elderly Corsa, weight has become somewhat to a claimed weight of 240 g for the 25-622 Corsa G versus 220 g for the elderly 25-622 Corsa CX III. I am not certain why weight has become it seems like they still utilize the exact same 320 TPI Corespun-K casing.

The Corsa G is currently offered in 23, 25, and 28 mm wide variations with skin-colored sidewalls. I am not positive whether a model with black sidewalls will probably be published later, however, the skin-colored sidewalls certainly do seem quickly… Let us examine this tire!

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As mentioned before, the promised weight of this 25-622 version of this Corsa G is 240 g. My sample came in at 255 g; this is quite a bit higher than designated. The majority of its direct rivals come in closer to 220-240 g. The maximum width with an air pressure of 100 psi, on a 17C rim, is 27 mm. The measured height is 24 mm.

The entire depth of the scooter in the middle of this tread is 2.4 mm, this really is somewhat less than both the Grand Prix 4000S II (read review) and Schwalbe One (read review) and suggests that there is less rubber on the scooter. The sidewalls are absolutely thick with a mean depth of 0.75 mm. I have to add this 0.75 millimeter dimension is the average between the depth in the bead (1.0 mm) and depth at which the tread begins (0.5 mm). If you want to know more about mini bicycle pump, just look into bikespumps.info/best-bike-pump/.

So does that new graphene things provide a lower rolling resistance? Yes! Rolling resistance is a few 5-6 percent less compared to elderly Corsa CX III which already had a minimal rolling resistance. In the very large air pressure of 120 psi, rolling resistance is 12.2 g and is equivalent to the Continental GP4000S II. It can keep this up powerful performance at 100 psi. At lower air pressures, the Corsa G has outperformed marginally by the Conti.

I believe that it’s safe to mention the Corsa G is an adequate improvement upon the elderly Corsa. I have to add that the Corsa G has a maximum inflation pressure of 145 psi that is greater than many other 25 millimeter road bicycle tires. At this highest air pressure, rolling resistance likely comes near 11.8 watts. If you ride on very smooth surfaces and wish to inflate to greater pressures, the Corsa will perform better.

Having a score of 11 points at the puncture resistance tread evaluation, puncture resistance is adequate. It will score 1 point less than the elderly CX III, but that is most likely the margin of error of this test. From the sidewall evaluation, it gets to a score of 5 factors that’s comparable to other tires too. I didn’t execute the sidewall evaluation on the elderly Corsa as that evaluation was added lately.

I am pleased to see Vittoria’s promises to be authentic. At least at the rolling immunity section, the new Corsa G is a fantastic progress on its old predecessors. While it does not outperform the favorite Continental GP4000S II (read review) or Schwalbe One (read review) from the rolling resistance test, I am aware that there are individuals who would not exchange their Corsas for whatever. If wear and grip have grown too, these can be good tires.

If you’d like to have more speed compared to Corsa G , Vittoria sells the Corsa Speed Dial (read review) also. The Corsa Rate includes a non-reinforced carcass, slimmer tread, less threading security and also the open model comes as a tubeless-ready tire.