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    About Us!

    After 10 years of business we know what we’re doing. We’re fully certified in what we do so we can guarantee your satisfaction.
    Being in business so long means not only are we good at what we do, but we take great pride in keeping it that way. We will treat your home like our own to provide you with floors that look brand new. Allergy sufferers will love us, families with messy kids or pets will adore us, and people seeking help for their old, worn carpets and scuffed floors will wish they had called sooner.
    Call now to learn more!

    Our Location

    Benicia Carpet Cleaning
    1300 Southampton Road Suite 26
    Benicia CA 94510
    (707) 771-4182

    We are Fast! Honest! and an Experienced! carpet cleaning company. We have all the right cleaning equipment for what ever your needs are!